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Happy Valentines, Baby!

Posted on February 13, 2019 by under Relationship.    

We’re not the most romantic people so we don’t really do anything fancy for Valentines ually. After being together for 20 years, Valentines Day is jt another day really. It’s all the other days that matter. And, I mt say, Brian does a great job of making me feel special and loved each and every day. Thank you for being not jt the best hband ever but the best friend I could ever hope to have.

แอพเกมฟรี ios

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Sweat in the City: Glow Up

Posted on February 13, 2019 by under Zumba.    

These next few pictures are from the first major Zumba event of 2019, Sweat in the City: Glow Up! It’s kind of a reprise of Joel and Sarah’s super successful Sweat in the City event last summer.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures becae I didn’t want to have to keep track of my phone (or risk losing it) so most of these pics are courtesy of other people.

They did a blacklight/glow in the dark theme this time.

I think Mara (middle) had the best outfit, hands down.

Jt a silly pic of me with Rose and Amanda.

Fun group photo with local ZINs. (In case you were wondering, ZINs are Zumba instructors who are members of the Zumba Instructor Network.)

I didn’t have to buy a special outfit for this event becae I found I had stuff in my closet that actually glowed in the dark. It was a good thing too becae I didn’t really have time to buy stuff.

Here’s a pic of me and Brynden. Her shirt was bright!

It was a sea of bright, glowing, colorful bodies!

Here’s a pic of Amanda, Charis, and me that we took while we were waiting for our tacos at the restaurant next door after the Zumba party. We worked up an appetite! Two hours of non-stop dancing will do that. LOL.

Here’s a pic of my tacos. Yum!

I earned my tacos (and my Churn and Burn — more on this in a bit) that night. Joel and Sarah know how to throw a great party! I was bummed we didn’t get commemorative shirts this year but, other than that, I thought this event was even better than the last one. We actually had a live DJ (DJ Hashtag). Sweat in the City jt keeps getting better and better!

Since Amanda and I live pretty close to one another, we decided to carpool to the event. The carne asada tacos were super spicy that night so we thought, even though it was freezing, it would be a good idea to stop for ice cream on the way home. Churn and Burn is on the way home and they’re open late — and Amanda had never been there! The stars jt happened to align. Anyway, I figured I burned enough calories that day between my two Zumba classes in the morning, pickleball in the afternoon, and the two hours of dancing at Sweat in the City that I could enjoy some ice cream guilt-free. Actually, what am I talking about. I never need jtification to eat junk. I enjoy all my foods guilt-free. LOL.

It was such a blast! I can’t wait until we do this again. Great job, Joel and Sarah!

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Paisano’s Topeka

Posted on February 11, 2019 by under Food and Drink.    

Paisano’s Ristorante is a place I’d been to in forever! We went the night that several of from Wichita were in town.

There were several of so I got a bunch of food pictures. That’s one of my favorite things about dining with a group of people. I can add to my food picture collection!

According to Flickr, there are over 4,500 pictures in my food album. These are the latest additions.

SIDE NOTE: I’m pretty sure I have more than 5,000 food pictures. I jt forget to put them in the food album sometimes. Why do I have a food album and why do I collect pictures of food? I’m sure you’re wondering. I’ve been asked this a few times. I don’t really have a good answer other than I love food and I enjoy going back and looking at pictures of all the food I’ve eaten. LOL. Until next time! GNG.

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Jeremiah Bullfrogs

Posted on February 10, 2019 by under Food and Drink.    

Brian said that he got a mandate from grandma to tell me to blog more. Apparently, I’m playing too much pickleball not blogging enough. LOL.

I will attempt to get y’all caught up over the next couple of weeks but no guarantees — becae, you know, life happens. Every time I think I’m caught up, I get behind on the blog again.

Although, I don’t think I did too bad on the blogging front last month. There are five posts for the month of January. Grandma wants to read more stories though, so I guess I need to pump up the volume to more than one blog a week.

In the spirit of getting the blog caught up, I did get to try a new restaurant when I was in Topeka last month. I forgot to tell y’all about it.

It’s supposed to be the best bar in Topeka. I did check them out on Trip Advisor, my go-to website for restaurant reviews and other travel information, and the restaurant is pretty highly rated on there. It mt be true!

FUN FACT: Jeremiah Bullfrogs was established in 1993, the same year I moved from the Philippines to the United States. When people ask me how long I’ve lived in the , I ually say “over 20 years.” I guess I can now upgrade this statement to say “over 25 years.” How amazing is that?! I’ve lived somewhere for more than a quarter of a century!

It was a week night so the place wasn’t packed and relatively quiet.

Here are a few pictures of food, starting with the spinach dip…

Chicken tenders and sweet potato fries…

Jerk chicken sandwich and curly fries…

I can’t remember what Tom got but it was bun-less.

The place wasn’t bad. I’d like to go back with more people. It was jt me, Chad and Tom on this visit. I think it will be more fun with a big group. Next time!

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Year-Round Aqua Zumba

Posted on February 7, 2019 by under Zumba.    

When I completed Aqua Zumba instructor training at the LA Zumba Instructor Conference five years ago, I didn’t start teaching it right away. I was somewhat reluctant to jump in. I guess I was the same way with teaching Zumba (I jt wanted to get discounts on Zumba wear and go to ZINCON) and all the other formats. I complete all the trainings with no intention of teaching. I jt like to collect the licenses. What can I say? The buttons look good on my ZIN profile page.

Anyway, I got my license to teach AZ in January 2014 and I didn’t teach it for months. Later in the year, I started shadowing Alexa at Andover YMCA. I taught some AZ songs in her class that summer but I don’t think I actually got my own AZ class until the following summer.

My early years of teaching AZ were jt okay. I taught it becae there was a time slot available on the schedule but, honestly, I really didn’t enjoy it as much as teaching regular Zumba. Probably partly becae I had to teach it in 100+ degree weather, outside, in the middle of summer. It was so dreadful.

I taught it on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm and on Saturday mornings from June to September. The Thursday night classes ed to wear me out so much becae of the heat. I preferred the Saturday morning classes. In the beginning we started at 8:30 am (now we start at 8:45 am), which wasn’t the best earlier in the year becae the water would still be kind of cold. It was great for me though, becae it was as hot.

The teaching conditions weren’t the best but the students seemed to really love it so we plugged on. I did have to get rid of the Thursday night AZ class eventually. Not becae I was a ws who hated teaching in the heat (I was perfectly fine suffering for the sake of the students) but becae I started working on a project that required me to practically live in Topeka. I couldn’t, in good conscience, take up a prime class time slot and have to sub it out week after week. So, for the last three years, I’ve only been teaching AZ once a week on Saturday mornings, and only during the summer months.

As convenient as that is (I don’t have to worry about times when I had to be out of town for work), it posed its own challenges. Since I’m not teaching AZ the rest of the year, it felt like I was starting over every year. Each year, I would tell myself that I’d work on my AZ songs a month before my first AZ class for the year. I would inevitably procrastinate (becae life happens and you get by with stuff) and then I’d be frantically working on my songs a week before. Sometimes it would be a couple of days or the day before. Anyway, that feeling of panic and lack of adequate preparation wasn’t fun.

It took a few years but I finally wised up. I figured the solution to my problem was to teach AZ year-round. Then I wouldn’t end up forgetting my songs and have to frantically try to recall them the following year before summer session. Amazingly enough, that’s actually improved my attitude towards AZ. I’m enjoying it so much, I’d venture to say I even prefer teaching it to Zumba at times.

When my AZ classes ended at the Andover YMCA, I started teaching it at VASA Fitness (a new gym that opened in Wichita in July) — on the exact same day and time. The only difference is I actually have to drive in between classes, whereas before both my 8:45 am AZ and 10:30 am Zumba classes were at the same location. I have 45 minutes in between the two classes so having to drive from VASA to Andover isn’t really an issue. I have more than enough time to get to class (and even stop at Scooter’s if I need to). I’m absolutely loving the back to back classes. I’m glad that I get to continue this cadence in fall and winter.

Since I’ve been enjoying the back to back classes on Saturdays, I’d been trying to figure out how to replicate this on Sundays. As luck would have it (or perhaps it’s the Secret — also known as the Law of Attraction — at work), an opportunity presented itself at North YMCA. I started teaching AZ there at 12:30 pm on Sundays at the beginning of this year. It’s perfect becae it precedes my 2:00 pm Zumba class on Sundays at the Andover YMCA.

I feel like I now have the perfect teaching schedule on the weekends. The only thing that could make it even better is if my back to back classes were at the same place. In the meantime, I’m jt grateful for the opportunity to teach these classes to a bunch of lovely people who fill my heart with joy.

Here’s a picture of my new friends at VASA.

Here’s the lovely North YMCA group.

I’m enjoying teaching AZ so much that I will even sub it on occasion. Here’s a picture from when I had to sub for Hideki at Northwest YMCA a couple of weeks ago. He and Amy were in Thailand. He always subs my classes when I’m at ZINCON so I figured I owed him. The roads were ridiculo that night becae of the snowstorm. I actually asked Brian to drive me. Anyway, these two ladies came to class despite the horrible weather and we had a great time working out. They gave me some positive feedback that totally warmed my heart and made the 45-minute drive to the gym and 45-minute drive home so worth it.

I’m finding teaching AZ rewarding in so many ways. Besides the positive vibes I get from the class, I actually get tangible (and yummy) rewards from time to time. This very nice man gave me a chocolate bar on Super Bowl Sunday. It was such a nice and thoughtful (and sweet, pun intended) surprise!

I am loving every minute of my AZ classes and I’m so happy that I’m able to teach it year-round now. I hope I can keep it up.

If you’ve never tried AZ before, I encourage you to join . It’s such an amazing workout and I promise you will have blast. Here’s where you can catch me:

  • VASA Fitness8:45 am, every Saturday (non-members can get a free trial pass here to join the fun)
  • North YMCA12:30 pm, every Sunday (there’s a $10 drop in fee for non-members but it’s good for the entire day for all Greater Wichita YMCA locations — jt keep your receipt and show it when you visit another branch)

See you at the pool!

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